Wiener Melange

2.5. – 15.6.2024

Donya Aalipour, Louise Deininger, Arbi Jaballah, Fabian Köttl und Dzvinya Podlyashetska

Their positions mark individuality, their own approaches that cannot be categorized in conventional art categories. Painting with a personal style and own aesthetics, mainly figurative, oil, acrylic mixed media on canvas, with strong colors and textures. Works with the themes of identity and relationships. With the question of how individuality is lived, how it is perceived, how these artists perceive our society and how they think they themselves are seen.

Touch of Venice


Hako Hankson und Hans Weigand auf Nina Gospodin

In the exhibition “Touch of Venice”, Hako Hankson and Hans Weigand meet Nina Gospodin. Venice is the common denominator.

Hako Hankson is currently occupying the Cameroon pavilion at the Biennale, Hans Weigand is showing his large-format woodcuts at the Palazzo Pisani Santa Marina at the same time and Nina Gospodin once developed the entire formal language of her painting in Venice.

The works of these three artists are like windows into another world. Traditional techniques meet pop-cultural codes and myths meet the present. There is no other place in the world where this can be juxtaposed as well as in Venice during the Biennale. A touch of Venice can be experienced from June 18 as part of the “Touch of Venice” exhibition at AG18 in Vienna.

AG18 Showcase

Damilola Opedun

“Glory, 2022

Oil on canvas

120×120 cm