Appropriation art is unrestrained and therefore offensive. The meaning of the term could be explained as claiming someone else’s work and using it for yourself. That already sounds harsh. Especially, since this happens without consent. “Theft” is shouted ownership claimed. Artists who are part of the genre refuse to accept the reproach that they have simply stolen from others’ work.  

Grandmasters of appropriation art are Marcel Duchamps, Richard Prince, Andy Warhol, Cindy Sherman, Arnulf Rainer, Franz West. We present a new generation of Appropriation Art: Simon Hezel, Andreas Nader, Ben Reyer, Sebastian Schager, and Stephan Schwarz. Appropriation is a concept for them. They consciously select subjects that they appropriate. They rediscover and place themselves in a relationship to the appropriated elements and the artists from whom they draw. They take without simply copying. Rather, they quote and put quotations into a new context, create new forms, contexts and contents: Re-Discover – Re-Create.

AG18 Showcase

This month:

Sebastian Schager
Venus mit Schwert

Screenprint 100x200cm

Limited Edition Prints Popup