Time Travels


Christina Papaioannou and Yassonas Megoulas invite us to time travels. 

Christina’s works are called “Aphrodite’s Dream”, “The Fable of the Orange” or “The Tale of the Unbreakable Jar”. They tell stories that reach from the past, through the present, and into the future. Nourished from their cultural and artistic roots, from Greek dramas, comedies, mythologies. Viewers are immersed in colorful collages that tell micro-stories with the most diverse formatting. To be discovered are a multitude of different origins for the compositions that demand to delve into the images to perceive contexts, the whole. She uses pixels, shows botanical motifs, animals, ancient Greek architecture, Renaissance engravings, children’s drawings, and references to her own other work.

This series of works presented by Yassonas Megoulas at AG18 is a tribute to his grandfather. He undertakes a personal journey through time and explores own family roots. He has painted from photos that the grandfather left as a undeveloped material, a convolute of negatives and that Yassonas found by chance in the house of his ancestors during the Covid quarantine.

AG18 Showcase

Donya Aalipour

Iranian Woman“, 2022

Oil on canvas, 90x110cm

Revenge 1“, 2022

Oil on canvas, 80x100cm

Limited Edition Prints Popup