Celebrating Identities


Taiye Erewele
Leuna Noumbimboo
Chigozie Obi
Adjaratou Ouedraogo
Ayanfe Olarinde
Zandile Tshabalala

On display are portraits, intimate scenes in protected privacy and public manifestations that document the claim to their own respected space.
The themes of the positions are: Identity, i.e. subjectivity, personality, individuality, in all its facets and variations, without rigid fixation or restriction. Without external attributions and role clichés.
Not only do people have different identities, but everyone has changing, self-chosen identities – depending on the different life situations and roles they have taken on. Identity is not a fixed quantity. The exhibited works are narratives about the pursuit of a self-determined life.

Wiener Melange

2.5. – 15.6.2024

Donya Aalipour, Louise Deininger, Arbi Jaballah, Fabian Köttl und Dzvinya Podlyashetska

Their positions mark individuality, their own approaches that cannot be categorized in conventional art categories. Painting with a personal style and own aesthetics, mainly figurative, oil, acrylic mixed media on canvas, with strong colors and textures. Works with the themes of identity and relationships. With the question of how individuality is lived, how it is perceived, how these artists perceive our society and how they think they themselves are seen.

AG18 Showcase

Damilola Opedun

“Songs of Victory”, 2024

Oil on canvas

180×150 cm

Limited Edition Prints Popup