The AG18-gallery’s mission is to offer the emerging art scene in Austria a platform, bring underrepresented international voices to Vienna and facilitate inspiring cross fertilization and dialog between local and global art communities.

AG18 specializes in showcasing the work of both emerging and established artists from across the world, with a particular emphasis on younger generations. Its program is characterized by a wide array of artistic media, while holding a special focus on painting; as well as providing a separate showroom to artist-editions and printmaking at their special project “Limited Edition Art Prints“ and a “show case” for the presentation of a single outstanding work.

Internationally orientated, solo, group and topic exhibitions define the program across their three gallery spaces. Young West African art has become a special focus for the gallery, stemming from Michael Schmitz’s continuous research. Many direct contacts to artists and close collaboration with the African Artists’ Foundation in Lagos, led by internationally renowned curator and art manager Azu Nwagbogu.

The gallery was founded in 2018 by the passionate art collectors Dr. Margot Schmitz, a clinical psychiatrist and neurologist, and Dr. Michael Schmitz, a psychologist, management coach, and former journalist. They have dedicated their lives to the depth and complexities of the human experience and relations– an interest also reflected in their ever-growing art collection and gallery program.

In close collaboration with invited curators and art theorists, Margot Schmitz and Michael Schmitz provide a dynamic platform for contemporary art in Vienna and beyond.

AG18 is located in the historic city center of Vienna, Austria. The building at Annagasse 18 – that houses the main gallery, the gallery space “AG18 Showcase”, and the “Spotlight” showroom – is over 300 years old and provides an inspiring bridge between the historic and the contemporary. In addition, the gallery maintains a viewing space in Beverly Hills, California.

Show-Case draws attention to just one or two outstanding works by an artist. The works are presented in a small room with a shop window to Annagasse – between the gallery and the print editions space.