“We show art that touches and inspires – cosmopolitan and exciting.”

AG 18 Gallery offers a platform for Austrian and international art. The artists are influenced by urban life. Their themes: Individuality and identity, human togetherness and antagonism, domination and resistance, the power of feelings, traumas and dreams. They deal with the reality in which they live, in stylistic diversity.

AG 18 has presented exhibitions with artists from Argentina, Brazil, Germany, England, France, Greece, Italy, Israel, Iran, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Mexico, Austria, Portugal, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine, Uruguay and countries from West Africa.

Young African art has become a special focus for the gallery, in close collaboration with the African Artists’ Foundation in Lagos, led by internationally renowned curator and art manager Azu Nwagbogu. 

AG18 has great attention for promising young artists who are about to conquer their place in the art world. 

AG18 Gallery is located in the center of Vienna, the capital of Austria: Contemporary art is exhibited in old vaults. The house at Annagasse 18 is over 300 years old. In Los Angeles, the gallery maintains a viewing space in Beverly Hills. 

AG 18 was founded in 2018 by Margot Schmitz and Michael Schmitz. Neither comes from the business with art. Margot Schmitz is a psychiatrist, Michael Schmitz psychology. With this, they think, they can offer their own approach to the perception and mediation of art. Because they know what moves people.