Masks and Soul-Mirrors

by Michael Schmitz, Gallerist (D/A)

WiseTwo holds up masks for us. To mirror our inner life. In order to explore our drives and wants, to understand who we are.

Masks decorate and they hide. They make people seem mysterious. They can lure gently or inspire grim fear. They express and evoke feelings. They can represent wisdom and power and invoke protection and hope when danger looms.What masks convey touches our inner. Masks shape relationships. Since thousands of years. In all cultures. They lead us to archetypes of the collective unconscious.

Shamans want to heal illnesses with masks, drive away evil spirits, alleviate pain and suffering, and ask ancestors and higher beings for help to cope better with the present life.

We all mask ourselves again and again. We don’t even have to build masks to do this. We can mask ourselves with the chosen expression of our face. This is how we want to influence how we are seen and evaluated by others. We strive to slip into roles, to shape ourselves – depending on the situation and requirements – in order be perceived by others in the most favorite way. We stage ourselves publicly with such self-masking. What we represent in this way has J.G. Jung, the founder of analytical psychology, referred to as our “persona”.

With profound mask images, WiseTwo leads us to archaic symbols and stories and to self-reflection. To discover inner secrets and to understand ourselves better and thus to became capable to shape our lives more consciously.