On the Fringe


“On the Fringe” – Positioned, with stubbornness, against the miserable mainstream. They feel its judgments and demands as constricting, limiting, inhibiting development. This is how the artists in this exhibition position themselves. They elude external expectations and constraints, explore identity with their inner worlds, beyond public space and staging. Very personal. Thus they create a starting point for resistance against the narratives of a standardized society, against imposed conformity, for self-discovery and self-determination. Driven in their creativity, their will to communicate and share, these young African artists:insides are of a devotion to life – with all its diversity and vitality.

With “On the Fringe”, an ensemble of artist:insides presents surprising perspectives. As an exploration of the world, whose meaning does not immediately appear to us. With different artistic approaches and works with diverse materials and forms of expression.

Ayogu Kingsley, Boris Anje, Chinaza Nkemka, Damilola Opedun, David Olatoye, Emma Odumade, Johnson Ocheja, Michelle Okpare, Talut Kareem Wasiu Eshinlokun.