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Presence and Pleasures


Marilia Kolibiri

The images delight, encourage, embolden. Especially in these times full of restrictions. If we allow ourselves to look at the works attentively. Marilia Kolibiri is presenting modern pop art – fresh, powerful, playful. She draws our attention to situations and things that we deal with every day, but often without perceiving their deeper meaning for our well-being: Shopping, cooking, tidying up. We do not have to consider such activities as a chore. We can experience them as stimulation of our creativity and as activities with which we create connections, yes, closeness, with each other. Cooking together, it can be. Meals we create to enjoy together. When we do necessary tasks, we strengthen our sense of efficacy. In this way, we do not let ourselves be weighed down “by circumstances.”

In her paintings, Marilia Kolibiri plays with style elements of childlike drawing that want to connect, to the child in us. “Art is the child in us,” says Jonathan Meese. Like him, Marilia Kolibri appeals with her works: Don’t hide the child in you. Do not ignore it. Let it be. Curious. Uninhibited. It has qualities and abilities that our adult personalities, which we create to succeed in a competitive world, often suppress. At the same time, in things Marilia Kolibiri creates with fine brushstrokes and loving, nuanced color mixing, we recognize her complex painterly quality. We encounter spontaneity and subtle design and we feel a great deal of – contagious – joy in all of this.

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