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Philipp Renda

Philipp Renda is always looking for stories – in memory, word, language, world and environment. So he “expands” concepts and reality – for himself and for the viewer. His pictures are – in delicacy and abstraction – sensory suggestions. Renda reflects: “The individual person experiences his reality as the sum of his perception. Inwardly and outwardly. Perceived realities, experiences. Imaginary impressions. Thoughts. Odors. At first the individual person only knows his reality and will only get to know the reality of another in a very limited way. “The rapprochement that establishes a relationship seems nevertheless possible. But there is no objectivity. So no objective art. Every perception is individual and leads to personal judgments.

Renda wants to encourage them to perceive stories more easily. To seek distance from oneself. This could succeed if the work is still so vague and delicate that it can “nest” in every viewer, reader, thinker. And there he can settle it in his reality. It can spread and tell its own story for everyone. A word that can mean something different for everyone. An image that evokes a different feeling for everyone. Realities in extension.

Renda was born in 1989 in Munich. From 2010 to 2016 he studied visual arts in the class for graphic and printmaking at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. First under Prof. Siegbert Schenk, then under Prof. Jan Svenungson.

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