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Linda Steiner

Linda Steiner was born in East Tyrol in 1993 and came to Vienna in 2012 to study art. She visited “Die Graphische” for 2 years and came in contact with larger formats for the first time. In 2016 she joined the artist studio “Studio Walls” and found an exchange with young international artists, who shaped her and her works very much. Especially in the last year, she was able to record some success as an artist. She showed her first solo show “Auf Augenhöhe” at the Improper Walls Gallery and several works in various group exhibitions in Vienna.

In her works, she always reflects on herself. Most of the work is very personal and intimate. By painting, she processes experiences and feelings and expresses them artistically – as acrylic painting on paper and canvas, as illustration – digitally and analogue and as linoleum cuts.

It works mainly with easily accessible materials such as paper and textiles that do not require special equipment. Art wants to make it “accessible”. For the artist it is very important to create works in which the viewer can find himself again. In addition to painting she does installations, often inter-active, videos, digital art and – as a member of the rip-off crew – street art.

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