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Ju Mu

Jurena Muñoz Lagunas, Ju Mu, with Peruvian-Chilean roots born in 1990 in Hannover. Studied fashion design at the Universitat de les Illes Balears in Palma. She lives as a freelance artist in Berlin.

Her works are inspired by the cultures and imagery of the indigenous peoples of Latin America, prehispanic and contemporary art. Themes and representations spring from her own fantasies. They are nourished by myths, legends and stories of the vast Andean and Amazon regions and show a coexistence of man, the spirit world and nature, with elements of shaman worship.

They are about identity, tradition and culture, past and present, life and death. Her works catch and capture the attention of viewers immediately. For her, there is neither pure good nor absolute evil. Her paintings are, as she says herself, “colorful and loud.” With mysterious figures, mythical creatures, people, animals, monsters, enigmatic symbols and mysterious masks.

Ju Mu paints pictures on canvas, with acrylic, spray paint and oil pencils. She creates fabrics and costumes, designs walls and stage sets, creates sculptures and furniture. With almost inexhaustible creativity and diversity. She collaborates with traditional weavers and craftsmen, incorporating their work into her designs. “I use everything original and fascinating that I get my hands on during my travels through Latin America – in markets or through street vendors.”

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