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Figures & Faces

Figures & Faces

Enrique Pichardo Egea, Renato Hunto und Hazul

27.06 -31.08.2019

Figures and Faces – A colorful exhibition. Happy and tempting. In time for summer in town. With artists from Mexico, Italy and Portugal, three warm and sunny countries.

Enrique Pichardo Egea is a contemporary Mexican Expressionist. He paints faces and figures hauntingly, whimsically, in magical ensembles, colorful, cheerful, idiosyncratic, mysterious. In his paintings we find reminiscences of famous Mexican painters such as Rufino Tamayo, Francisco Toledo and Rodolfo Morales as well as of Mexican history with symbols of pre-Columbian times. 

Family, love and human relationships are Huntos most common topics. In his paintings, there is not always a clear message. With his work he aims at free association. An important topic for him is sexuality and intimacy. “Sex is beautiful, both in real life and as a theme in the arts”. 

Hazuls creations are objects and symbols – figures in between. The pictures are images with an almost dream-like dimension in which he depicts the relationship between the organic and the geometric, between beings and objects, or between the material and the aesthetic. The strong lines emphasize the design of ordered and sometimes floating patches. There are influences of primitive art, of ancient civilizations or tribal peoples, leading to a universal and timeless symobilism and expression.