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Dreams and Revelations

Dreams and Revelations

Aleksei Bordusov, Beáta Hechtová,Max Brenner, Camilla Schön


Dreams can provide impulses. If we do not hastily brush them aside as absurd scenarios. They tell us confusing, seemingly twisted stories. In whimsical images and surreal sequences. They reflect, mysteriously, hidden desires, conflicts and fears. They demand interpretation. They lay tracks that can lead to new insights, to revelations and better knowledge about ourselves. If we dare to interpret and follow the traces…

Four artists invite us to do so. Each in their own special way. First and foremost Aleksei Bordusov, known as Aec Interesni Kazki. He is a star in the international urban art scene. A world artist. His paintings are allegorical, fairytale-like. Inspired by mythology, archetypes, spirituality. Revelations of the unconscious. We are very pleased to be able to present works by him in Austria for the first time.

Three young artists complete our new exhibition: Beáta Hechtová with shrill pictures, full of great emotions. Max Brenner, who traces alienations that threaten to overwhelm us in urban life. Camilla Schön – she invites us to experience the effect of shapes and colours, to explore the unknown instead of binding ourselves to the known and obvious.

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