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Donya Aalipour

Donya Aalipour (b. 1995 Tehran) is a curious and inquisitive artist whose practice is based on the understanding of the social role of art and the artist, combined with narratives drawn from both reality and fiction, exploring the relationship between figure and anecdote in modern life and that of the individual with his/her surrounding world.

In her work, Aalipour depicts human relationships, peace and anxiety, happiness and misery, attachment and non-attachment. Her works are a series of coherent narratives, where subjects and elements of one work lead to the creation of the next.
Aalipour’s talent in painting lies within her ability to juxtapose bright and saturated color fields and using powerful and unruly lines. Her source of inspiration is the flux of imagery from social media, museum visits and the works of other artists in galleries, as well as reading and reflecting on the human psyche.

Available Art: