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Linda Steiner, Käthe Löffelmann, Mariella Lehner, Moiz, Colin‚Toyz‘ Linde, HNRX, David Leitner, NDZW, JAKOB der Bruder, Golif, FATI.

09.12 – 01.02.2021

Hopeful and catastrophic futures of public spaces & cities Curated by:
AG18 Urban Art Gallery and Improper Walls

Once again we are showing young Austrian artists, as we did at the end of last year. Back then, the business magazine “Trend” wrote about our exhibition: “Urban Art at ist best”. We can offer you that again this time with BEYOND DYSTOPIA. The exhibition is a joint work of Improper Walls and the AG18 Urban Art Gallery, in our rooms at Annagasse 18.

We were guided by the question: How can a globalised and mobile generation that travels the world to gain experience and inspiration imagine the urban future? BEYOND DYSTOPIA is an open artistic discourse on hopeful and (unfortunately also) catastrophic future prospects. This look into the future might cause us to change our attitude and behaviour. In order to make for a better future. Images of the future could, as Richard A. Slaughter opined, exert “symbolic pull” and act as “‘magnets’ for the realisation of possibilities that are currently obscured. “

Available Art: