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AEC an engaging surrealist. His paintings are inspired by mythology, archetypes, cosmology, and spirituality. AEC’s paintings tell mysterious stories with imaginary creatures that are rich in subtle details and colorful ensembles. It is wonderful and allegorical as a fairytale. Just as his artist name promises: Interesni Kazki literally means “interesting fairy tales”.

He works primarily with brushes and acrylic paints, both on free walls and in the studio, on canvases and paper with acrylic, watercolor, ink, and oil paints. AEC considers his works an opportunity to trace the mysteries of our existence and “understand the mystical reasons of the universe.”

Large murals can be seen by him almost everywhere in the world. In Australia, Brazil, Denmark, India, Italy, Mexico, Norway, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Spain, South Africa, South Korea, and in numerous states of the USA. Aleksei Bordusov aka Aec Interesni Kazki lives and works in Kiev, Ukraine.

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