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About People

“About People” Positions of artists promoted by Daniel Richter. Former and current students from his class at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Richter is one of the most renowned contemporary artists internationally. 

The artists exhibited here: Donya Aalipour, Ferhat Ilhan, Arbi Jaballah, Fabian Köttl, June Hwajung Kim and Magdalena Schwaiger.

They address different aspects of human existence – life and survival, values, dreams, fears and perception, being with and against each other, norms and constraints, the power of emotions. Presented in different styles.

According to Daniel Richter, as a painter you are never exempt from narration, because painting is defined by narration. The artists seem to have taken this to heart. Narration as an important asset for style and color, emotions as a carrier for what is portrayed. How one behaves as a human being, as an artist. Richter thinks that the brush controls the artist, not the other way around. However, one does not always have to be aware of this narrative as a viewer to appreciate the painting. That, too, is palpable in these works.

Also on view are works by four young African artists: Atinuke Macaula-Layinde, Artiye Afolabi; Azeez Salami and Kenechuckwu Nnamani.         

To be seen in the works are contrasting social, political and subjective influences. Seen in realistic portraits and landscapes, surrealistic and dreamlike depictions. 

Available Art: