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He is a world-artist. A global nomad: Bhupi Jethwa, known under the pseudonym “WiseTwo”. He is Kenyan with Indian roots, lives in Nairobi and began his artistic ventures there.

His pictures are full of symbols with masks, signs and references to shamanic rituals. Enigmatic, mysterious and then suddenly crystal clear. He himself says, you can also see a searching in it, reflections on human existence and culture in all their diversity. Imagining of ideas, knowledge and wisdom, a reflection of identity and belonging. With his art, WiseTwo gives us stories that – in terms of themes and color schemes – are about the pursuit of balance and harmony. They are subtle and powerful and refer to untamed impulses and meditation, showing us joy, pain, life and death.

For the viewer it is an encouragement to contemplate – ultimately to consider the meaning of life. WiseTwo is a wanderer between old and new worlds. His paintings refer to ancient civilizations and the invisible thread of connection between people and cultures across time and space. He is ambitious, takes up social and cultural issues, promotes tolerance and humanity, calls for discussion about conditions and attitudes and behaviors that conflict with these values.

WiseTwo – the pseudonym shows claim and self-irony. “Wise” is meant to express the search for wisdom. “Two” expresses humility. Because nobody is “the wise one”. The way is the goal – as a constant effort.

Selected Exhibitions and Projects

 Nairobi Street Kitchen, Mural, Nairobi, Kenya (2021); Forodhani House, Lamu, Kenya (2020); Viva Con Agua Mural Festival, Kampala, Uganda; Art Scape Saga Mural Project, Stenungsund, Sweden; Terminal Juárez Mural, México City, México (2019); Time Travel, Solo Show, Circle Art Gallery, Nairobi, Kenya (2018); Under Ground Effect – Projet Saato Mural Project Paris, France; Sanaa Festival Group Show, Kerry Packer Civic Gallery, Adelaide, Australia; International Public Arts Festival, Cape Town, South Africa (2017); Power Play Griffin Sessions, Johannesburg, South Africa; Nomadesc Mural Intervention, Triana, Cauca, Colombia; Fundación La Familia Ayara Mural Project, Villavicencio, Granada, Vistahermosa, Puerto Rico, Bogotá, Colombia (2016); WiseTwo , Solo Show, Galerie Itinerrance, Paris France; Urban Project group show, Galerie Itinerrance, Tunis, Tunisia; Beautify Earth Mural Project, Los Angeles, California, USA (2015); International School of Kenya (ISK) Mural Project, Nairobi, Kenya;  United States International University, Africa, Mural Project Nairobi, Kenya. (2014);  United Nations Environmental Assembly South South; Global Expo, Nairobi, Kenya; Bushwick Collective Brooklyn, New York, USA (2013);  Singapore, Mural Project with Skope Woner and Deaz (2012)

Available Art: