Agata Sulikowska is a discovery. Born in 1982 in Namyslow, Poland. Graduate of the Wladyslaw Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Lodz, Poland. In figurative paintings she shows people in all their, often confusing, states of life and emotions, with joys and sorrows, pride, fear, disappointment and hope. Solemn, posed, coy, distressed, eager, obscene. In relationships with each other and isolated in juxtaposition. It confronts with states of mind in times full of upheavals, confusing circumstances and uncertainty.

Reality, which can never be grasped as a whole anyway, seems to fragment into diverse realities that often cannot be mediated to each other or that shift into each other. Identity is fluid and always to be redefined.

Sulikowska draws from her own observations, stories, novels, old photographs as well as painted masterpieces. She combines history and stories. She condenses free fantasies, dream elements and reflections into sur-realistic compositions. Because there is no such thing as a single reality that can be grasped rationally and described unambiguously.