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BOICUT’s work is very illustrative and combines impulsively drawn lines with surfaces in his typical color palette. Sweeping strokes with the flair of a skater. Light tones dominate – yellow, blue, pink. Color shades as mood brighteners. The dark is far from Boicut. But not the grotesque, the insane, the subtle. In his work “We all agree she’s got your eyes” he portrays the central (female) figure as a royal alienated smiley – with a serrated smiling mouth and streaked eyes that run away from the face and – connected to each other – are reminiscent of a fence . Tempting and repellent at the same time. Ambivalent. With a dash of Jean-Michel Basquiat. It is a game with modern iconography, broken, lifted out of the norm, not in the superficially happy, carefree smooth emoji art. He intentionally relates signs and figures that appear childlike to the child in him – and to the child, that every viewer carries.

From the beginning, his work has been shaped by pop culture, the beauty of everyday objects and urban space. In his work and in his life in general, authenticity is a central goal for him – his own actions and creations should be an expression of his own personality and not be determined by foreign and undetected influences.

BOICUT works have been shown in cities like Barcelona, ​​Berlin, Belgrade, London, Vaduz, Luxembourg, Miami, Munich and of course in his hometown Vienna. He always works with brands. This has led to collaborations with Ace & Tate, Bene, Nitro Snowboards, Absolut, Jameson, Remington, Vans, Paul Frank, Levis, Hennessy, Samsung and Converse, among others. He lives and works in Vienna.

Available Art: